Technolocically advanced ovens


Research and development

it is the breeding ground of ideas, Piron's bet on the future. The department's work is constantly focused on innovation, so that technology may be the means to get to more efficient performance and results.

Technical department

it is the heart of the products design, composed by a team of well prepared and experienced professionals. The technical department is the place where the oven is plannd in all of its details and functionalities, being then ready to become the concrete answer to a very specific need.


is a vital step, an established and indispensable praxis. Through the prototyping phase, each new Piron product is subjected to rigorous durability tests and is continuously improved, under the supervision of our technicians and our corporate chef.


It is the moment in which, as the result of the highest Italian craftsmanship, characterized by components of the highest level, the oven is manufactured and assembled, through the lean manufacturing system adopted by Piron and all its suppliers.

Tecnologies Piron

We invest in research because we believe in the future.
We have an entire department dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, with the aim of bringing the future into your daily life.


Technology developed by Piron to create a controlled environment to optimize the cooking times of large pieces of meat through the precise control of temperature relative to time.

Using humidity injection, you can manually inject steam at any time during the cooking process to add your personal touch to every dish.

By introducing steam from 10% to 70%, cooking times are reduced, protecting the food surface from effects of an extended cooking time.

This is a system that extracts the excess humidity, maintaining the desired humidity level required.

Using multiple fans with auto-reverse, Reverse Air Flow, intensifies the air flow in the cooking chamber of the oven, guaranteeing a golden uniform result.

The Sator Steam technology generates steam up to 100% saturation in the chamber through the creation of a fine water mist.

This particular system allows you to use preheated water internally in the cooking chamber, avoiding heat loss and guaranteeing a more uniform temperature.


We know how important it is to have an oven able to do exactly what you need.
That's why we design an user experience focused on extreme ease of use and maximum results.


A simple and intuitive control to manage the different functions and set the correct cooking parameters. Maximum results with maximum ease of use.

Direct commands and display for control of the cooking process: effective management with enhanced ease of use.

A modern & high-tech control interface that through the intelligent use of colours and icons allows the operator to automatically create and manage cooking processes with ease and simplicity, whilst retaining the ability to also manually control all cooking functions.

A simple and easily accessible oven control panel, yet still allowing access to all functions of the cooking process through an intuitive and direct step-by-step sequence.

Increased oven functionality utilising USB technology and allowing the operator to store and recall cooking programs and recipes from a PC and from oven to oven.


We make your satisfaction one of our first goals.
That's why we wish everyone of your gestures to be translated into a flawless and perfect result.
Always up to your expectations.

Dv Croccante

For a crisp, golden and perfect end product, we have developed a system to allow you to precisely control air flow inside the cooking chamber, so that you achieve the end result you want, each and every time.Perfection and uniformity in both appearance and taste.A pleasure to the eye and the palate.

Dv Fragrante

Utilising a system that carefully manages the production of steam, the Optimal Climatic technology will help you transform your food concept into reality. The secret is the perfect balance between dry heat and humidity.

Dv Naturale

The Sator Steam technology will care for all of your food creations. It preserves the richness of the food and its properties, retaining nutrients and natural flavour.

Dv Tenero

Maturation is an important process in the preparation of meat products.Thanks to Delta T Cooking, results will be of the highest quality, tender yet crisp, reliable and repeatable, time after time.

Dv Veloce

The most effective solutions often exploit the simplest of elements. Humidity Regulation and Humidity Injection transform water and heat into humidity to provide the ideal environment to speed up the cooking process whilst also respecting the inherent properties
of the food.

Live cooking: test Piron ovens yourself

The best way to see the results you get using PIRON ovens is to test them with your recipes and your favorite dishes. Book your place at the next Live Cooking.

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