Trays and grills LEC30041

Colombo, Magellano, Caboto

Eggs tray GN 1/1, size mm 530x325.

Technical information

Outside dimensionsGN 1/1
Compatible ovensPF0220/L - PF0210/L - PF0206/L - PF0204/L - PF0120/L - PF0110/L - PF0106/L - PF0104/L - PF3120/T - PF9110/W/D/T - PF9106/W/D/T - PF9104/W/D/T - PF3220/T - PF9210/W/D/T - PF9206/W/D/T - PF9204/W/D/T - PF8004/D/L - PF8003/D - PF7504/G - PF7604/D

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