An ally in sales

From technical and commercial training to marketing


Piron is a valuable ally to all its customers. Piron's importers and distributors are provided with active and continuous training and business support.The presentation and sales activities are develpoed through targeted work on marketing and communication and through the figure of Piron Traveller Chef.


Piron's Traveller Chefs provide essential support during demonstrations and cooking shows. To highlight the potential of Piron products, the Traveller Chefs create and present personalized cooking programs for each Country, showing how, with simple gestures, Piron ovens are always able to ensure the best results for professionals worldwide.


Marketing and communication tools
Piron supports its dealers through an effective strategic planning in terms of marketing and communication, whose choices result in a series of tools designed to meet the needs of different markets.


Through a reserved section on the website, dedicated to importers, traders and dealers, the companyhas chosen to make available to its customers a selection of technical and commercial content, in order to reinforce and support the flow of information, ensuring to all levels, a service up to Piron's standards of quality.


The company communicates via web and social networks, working on the brand and at the same time turning to its customers and professionals in the cooking world. Through a series of diversified strategic choices Piron takes care of the needs of its customers and potentiates the trade flow from the base, making sure that the end user come to the local dealer, sure he will find Piron - the most effective choice for the his business.


Become a partner

Our technical support

Piron’s training and technical assistance program


It is one of Piron's flagships. All new customers are expected to follow complete training sessions, from which Piron supports hospitality expenses and guarantees to its new partners unimpaired and comprehensive technical training.


Telephone support
in the event a customer needs support, one of the first and most immediate forms of intervention of Piron's technical staff is the telephone support, provided by specialized and highly qualified professionals.

Tel. +39 049 9624228
working hours 9:00 am - 12:30p.m. and 2:00p.m to 5:00 p.m GMT+1


After-sales technical assistance form

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Spare parts supply
the company is committed to supplying spare parts in case some components of the purchased ovens are damaged or not working.


Technical support on site
in case of major failures not solvable otherwise, Piron considers sending their team of technicians on site, in order to provide the customer and effective assistance in loco.


Product replacement
Piron guarantees the replacement of purchased products in case they result not functioning and non-repairable.


Refund of the amount paid by the customer
the company will refund the amount spent by the customer, in case any of the technical support interventions will have been able to repair the malfunction.

Live cooking: test Piron ovens yourself

The best way to see the results you get using PIRON ovens is to test them with your recipes and your favorite dishes. Book your place at the next Live Cooking.

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