Explora ovens: the best technology at your service

Explora ovens: the best technology at your service

Explora ovens: the best technology at your service
07/02/2019 | News

Explora is an app controlled oven that can connect with smartphone, tablet, and cloud.


Explora is the future of the professional cooking: this electric oven, available from 4 to 20 trays, is a smart and interconnected appliance controlled and programmed via Smartphone, tablet or PC.

Explora ovens are projected and produced only in Italy, with a special care to details, solidity and performance. They grow with the Chef, offering constant support that is practical and up to date.

Explora represents the evolutionary merging of mechatronics engineering and information technology to an intelligently linked production. Flexible controls and state of the art technology ensure top class results. These multi-cooking ovens are extremely helpful when you are cooking multiple items at the same time and help you to increase your efficiency and save time.

The most innovative aspect of this line of ovens is undoubtedly the software, designed and developed internally. It can be continually updated and allows you to control multiple machines, also remotely, ensuring maximum freedom in managing the various cooking parameters.

When it comes to managing food hygiene, health and safety, restaurants are looking for innovative ways to control their management online. The EON Web App allows you to control the oven via cloud and download programs, diagnostic messages or HACCP data.

Choosing an Explora oven you can count on direct access to the Log of all the operations handled by your appliance at any time. You can select the time range, view the details and start your activity.

Explora’s software platform has been created with the objective to be progressively implemented and updated according to the needs of users. Its smart graphics interface makes it simple and intuitive to customize cooking parameters and to consult the multilingual cookbook features with visual recipes, broken down by categories and bookmarks with quick search tool. Visual recipes are made with real pictures. You can enter a picture taken with your tablet to always have visual support. It is possible to program cooking phases, mixable and preset, programmable directly from the ultra-sensitive glass touch screen of the oven (visible up to two meters away) or remotely by smartphone or tablet.

Explora allows you to save energy in several ways: by the use of LED lighting, the insertion of a special system of heating elements and the choice of an innovative material that is especially insulating. Also, thanks to an advanced monitoring system, the user can keep under control, in real-time,the energy and water consumption.

Explora double chimney system allows rapid steam expulsion to keep food always at the top.

Explora is an uncomplicated and effective cooking appliance that's perfect for any Chef or Pastry Chef because it withstands the demands of a high-volume professional kitchen. Chefs, restaurateurs and commercial kitchen managers can therefore increase efficiency in the kitchen and optimise costs.

The total black door with glass surface is designed in such a way as to reduce heat loss.

Unique appliances which combine different materials, as the new and innovative insulating material, Explora ovens vary in terms of size, functions and combinations.

All the professional ovens of the Explora family are suitable for Gastronomy, Pastry and Bread.

Three lines are part of the Explora family:

- Explora XP: 4.0 cooking experience at the highest level with the best integrated app controlled ovens.

- Explora LT: high tech ovens in a Lite version with capacitive 7'' touch screen.

- Explora KT: the compact smart oven for Chefs used to work with little space.

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Explora ovens: the best technology at your service

Explora is an app controlled oven that can connect with smartphone, tablet, and cloud.

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