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Magellano Digital PF9106W

6 trays [extendable to 7]

From 4 to 10 trays, Magellano digital ovens are a solid support for your everyday challenges. Thanks to a precise steam control, you can reduce cooking time and water and energy consumption while conserving aroma. Load all of your recipes and set your cooking phases to add a personal touch to every creation.

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Technical information

Outside dimensions920x900x840 (WxDxH)
Weight116 Kg
Compatible traysEN 600x400 o GN 1/1
Load capacity6 [7]
Space between trays80 mm [67 mm]
Trolley tray-
Power - Voltage10,5 KW - 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~
Hertz50/60 Hz
Temperature30 - 260 °C
Fan speed6
Core probemonopoint
Mechanical side opening
Reversible doorPF9206W
Cooking phases4
Preloaded recipes16
Pre - heating
Water connection
Reverse Air Flow
Sator Steam
Humidity Regulation
Humidity Injection
Optimal Climatic
Delta T Cooking
Automatic washing system

Tecnologies Piron

We invest in research because we believe in the future.
We have an entire department dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, with the aim of bringing the future into your daily life.


Using multiple fans with auto-reverse, Reverse Air Flow, intensifies the air flow in the cooking chamber of the oven, guaranteeing a golden uniform result.

The Sator Steam technology generates steam up to 100% saturation in the chamber through the creation of a fine water mist.

By introducing steam from 10% to 70%, cooking times are reduced, protecting the food surface from effects of an extended cooking time.

Using humidity injection, you can manually inject steam at any time during the cooking process to add your personal touch to every dish.

Technology developed by Piron to create a controlled environment to optimize the cooking times of large pieces of meat through the precise control of temperature relative to time.

This is a system that extracts the excess humidity, maintaining the desired humidity level required.


We know how important it is to have an oven able to do exactly what you need.
That's why we design an user experience focused on extreme ease of use and maximum results.


Direct commands and display for control of the cooking process: effective management with enhanced ease of use.

Live cooking: test Piron ovens yourself

The best way to see the results you get using PIRON ovens is to test them with your recipes and your favorite dishes. Book your place at the next Live Cooking.

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