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Simplicity and Design.

The new line of combi ovens combines together all the quality, performance and efficiency of a professional oven with simplicity of use and ease of maintenance.


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Simple and reliable.
Helping you to achieve successful results in the kitchen.

Taste in all shapes and forms!

A range of affordable rapid and reliable ovens which bridge the gap between aesthetics and technology to bring you the joy of taste.


The first combi oven with manual control and a smart core probe

Easy to use and designed for rapid access to the various functions, GALILEI Plus is the first combi oven
with manual control and a core probe that can grill, stew, roast, fry and steam.
So, it is ideal not only for the gastronomy sector and medium-sized restaurants but also
for small cake and pastry shops because the adjustable chimney delivers a guarantee of quality and even heat.


Practicality and efficiency packed in a mere 54 cm in width:
discover GALILEI Plus KT.

Piron’s compact combi oven is the ideal solution for professional kitchens which are short on space. Its strengths?
The smaller chamber consumes less energy and its compact design takes up less space. Yet, you still have the same guaranteed cooking performance levels of GALILEI Plus.


The user-friendly design gives control at your fingertips.

In its basic version, the GALILEI oven provides you with instant intuitive manual control, bridging the gap between technology and intuitive design while meeting the needs of modern restaurants.
With temperature and steam control as well as an internal-chamber setting option, GALILEI guarantees even cooking and extraordinary results.


CABOTO convection ovens: accuracy and practicality.

We know how important it is to have an oven that does exactly what you need it to.
Which is why we have worked hard to enhance user experience with an extremely intuitive design capable of delivering outstanding results.
CABOTO allows you to choose between manual and digital control.


We deliver ideal solutions for all kinds of cooking situations!


Pastry cooking

Bread and baking