A school of avant-garde cuisine

A school of avant-garde cuisine

A school of avant-garde cuisine
01/02/2017 | News

The collaboration between Piron, Silikomart and Hangar78 keeps growing


Hangar78 is a cooking and bakery school with training aimed at both professionals and enthusiasts.

It has two cutting-edge classrooms: one with 24 seats, where you can watch demonstrations or lectures, and another with 16 autonomous practices workstations, each equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools.

Live cooking: test Piron ovens yourself

The best way to see the results you get using PIRON ovens is to test them with your recipes and your favorite dishes. Book your place at the next Live Cooking.

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Explora ovens: the best technology at your service

Explora is an app controlled oven that can connect with smartphone, tablet, and cloud.

Explora alongside the great innovative chefs

When creativity is combined with innovation.

Galilei: the new combi steam oven with manual control

4 level combi for every occasion