When innovation meets design

If we create ovens with a unique design, it is not only because they are easy on the eye, but especially because they give you a seamless user experience.



PROMETEO, the new oven from EXPLORA endowed
with all the power and reliability that great chefs need.

The new range of PROMETEO ovens from Explora offers increasingly innovative solutions for cooking results that are even more exceptional; three layers of glass to stop heat from escaping, partial resistors for improved energy efficiency, a multipoint core probe for an accurate cooking process, led lights and a 10-inch capacitive display.


PERFORMER is the new and improved version of the PROMETEO range in a 10-tray format. Devised to provide a greater load capacity, it boosts production by 33% compared to other ovens. Especially suited to the ready-made meal and catering sector, it ensures record-breaking results and can cook 32 chickens in only 45 minutes!


A professional next-generation oven for an
increasingly intelligent kitchen!

Curated details, a pleasing aesthetic, outstanding performance levels, power and reliability are all words that come to mind when describing ovens belonging to the COLOMBO range. Remarkably intuitive, they feature an easy-to-read interface with a touch-control display as well as a pristine minimalist design.

Colombo KT

Exceptional performance levels in only
54 cm in width!

A compact oven with all the power, intelligence and efficiency of the Explora COLOMBO. It might only be 54 cm wide, but it offers all the key functions you need to cook up a storm!
Ideal for professional kitchens which have little space but need all the reliability and sleek aesthetics they can get!

Sectors of use

We deliver ideal solutions for all kinds of cooking situations!


Pastry cooking

Bread and baking