Customised solutions for all requirements!

Complete your Explora oven with our accessories

Professional provers

Discover our provers for traditional products such as bread,
leavened cakes, pastries and croissants. You will enjoy
natural proofing that keeps your dough just moist enough!

Condensation hoods

With their innovative patented condensation system,
Explora hoods capture, condense and expel fumes coming
from the oven door and chimney, improving the air quality
in your kitchen without any need for extractor devices.

Racks and supports

Nothing could be easier than placing GN1/1 and EN 600X400
trays on our stainless-steel racks and supports.

Trays and grills

We have a wide array of trays and grills suitable
for various cooking processes and available in the following sizes:
GN 1/1, GN 2/3, GN 1/2, EN 600×400, 480×345, 442×325 and 342×242 mm.

Optional kits

We offer various kits for installing, washing or supporting the trays
and ovens which are stackable and can be customised to suit individual needs.