Are you ready for a 4.0 cooking experience?

High usability, intuitive functionality and touch control for an increasingly intelligent kitchen.

Control panel Each

Explora oven comes with a capacitive in-glass touch screen, perfectly visible up to two meters away, which will enable to monitor cooking in progress.

Pause function

Thanks to the pause function, you can program a work plan on a daily basis

Pre-set or customized phases

Explora simplifies cooking programming: thanks to pre-set phases, the operator will only set customized parameters. Explora will think about everything else.

Perfect Timing

A multiple alarm system easily enables multilayer cooking, allowing flexible kitchen work.

Visual recipes

With Explora, recipes are not just lists of doses, information, and procedures. When you save your favourite recipes, you can enter a picture taken with your smartphone to always have visual support for you and anybody who helps with kitchen chores.

Explora Washing System

Thanks to timed washing, proper appliance maintenance is no longer the operator’s burden.

HACCP function

All HACCP data will be continuously recorded on your Explora oven. You can easily save them on a USB drive or print them directly to PDF, even remotely.

Operational record

Directly from your Explora, tablet, or Smartphone, you will have access to the Log of all the operations handled by your appliance at any time. You will be able to select the time range you want, view the details of each activity, and start it again as you set it.

Diagnostics and Service

With Explora, you will monitor at all times, even remotely, all the oven components through a simple and immediate system. You can schedule preventive maintenance operations and will be immediately notified of any malfunction.

Consumption’s monitoring

Monitoring of Explora water consumption, electrical consumption and real working hours both from the first access and partial from last reset. You can check with your eyes the using costs of your ovens thanks to our innovative monitoring system.