El piron is the first fork in history.
It first made its appearance in the Veneto region, in Italy,
and today it is a tool used on a daily basis the world over. A universally recognisable
symbol of companionship and feasting, the fork became the image of our brand!

Exploring professional cuisine

Founded in 2006, Piron rests on the experience of its creators, Italo and Amelia Tommasin, and their familiarity with household appliances. Their heart and soul have gone into this enterprise which is both locally based but also proud to call itself an ambassador of Italian manufacturing in the professional-kitchen sector.

The company’s headquarters are based in the Italian city of Padua in the Veneto region, where the ovens that Piron sells worldwide are designed and produced. Consummate technical skills, a talent for design, in-house development of highly innovative software, an ear to the ground when it comes to market needs, strong sales support, creativity and passion for what we do – these are the “ingredients” that make sure that we are on the front line in our industry and always able to anticipate our customers desires.

Explora: the 4.0 cooking experience

In 2015, Piron embraced a new challenge: a range of next-generation ovens with a curated sleek design which would seriously outperform in the kitchen. This was the beginning of Explora – a cutting-edge brand in the world of 4.0 kitchens.

Today, Explora is an intelligent, interconnected, controllable unit which can be programmed over the cloud on your smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing you to keep tabs on everything, whether it is day-to-day routine or an exceptional event.
Inside Piron’s Research & Development department, a strong team of engineers designs and creates software, working relentlessly to innovate and guarantee a product that delivers efficiency in terms of performance and results. The technologies used have been designed to keep down consumption and waste in order to respect the environment. Water, energy and time must become rewarding investments. Remarkably intuitive, Explora ovens feature an easy-to-read interface with a touch-control display as well as a pristine minimalist design.

Towards new horizons

In June 2019, Piron concluded its partnership with the multinational corporation Yindu Catering Equipment Ltd which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and deals with products and equipment for the professional catering trade. The aim of this operation was to facilitate the commercial expansion of the two brands Piron and Explora on the professional-kitchen markets in China and the USA.