Our technical-support service.


We arrange for proper training sessions for all new customers which can take place either on the customer’s premises or at our headquarters. No new partner is left to their own devices. Each one benefits from comprehensive thorough technical training.

Post-sales service

We ensure that our customers can rely on immediate support either by asking for it over the telephone or by filling in an online form requesting technical assistance. Our hands-on skilled staff members will deal remotely with any unforeseen problems.

Supply of spare parts

Making sure that our customers can rely on us is at the top of our list of priorities. Should any parts be faulty or wear out over time, we vouch to supply the spare part and a kit containing all that is needed to replace it.

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    Your sales ally

    behind you all the time – from technical-business training to marketing

    We offer our customers ongoing hands-on support for training and sales, providing them with all the help they need for presentation and sales work by targeted marketing and communications and thanks to the work of the Traveller Chef.

    Marketing and communication tools

    Our retailers receive all the support of an effective strategic plan for marketing and communication activities which has been carefully devised and scheduled to meet the needs of the various reference markets.

    A reserved online area has been created especially for our customers, giving them access to a series of technical and commercial documents whose purpose it is to strengthen and support the information flow and ensure an across-the-board service that meets Piron’s high quality standards.

    We also have a strong presence on our website and on social media where we promote our brand so that when the end user gets to the local retailer, they are already convinced that Piron is the best choice for their business..

    Traveller Chefs: Piron’s ambassadors all over the world

    Piron’s traveller chefs are a vital part of our support system and convey a powerful message during demonstrations and show-cooking sessions. Our Traveller Chefs create and present a personalised cooking programme for each country to showcase the unique qualities of our ovens and illustrate as simply as possible just how easily extraordinary cooking results can be achieved.