We have pushed the envelope to give you innovation
beyond your wildest dreams.

Forget a normal professional oven. Explora can do more.
Each single oven is an intelligent interconnected unit that can be programmed
and controlled from your smartphone, computer or tablet so you have everything
successfully cooking on the front burner, whether you are managing daily routine or pulling out all the stops.

EON - Explora Cloud System

The EON web app has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our retailers.
Endowed with intuitive accessible technology, it provides our customer network with assistance in real time, thus significantly reducing the cost and time associated with on-call support visits.

User Interface

Remarkably intuitive, Explora ovens feature an easy-to-read interface with a touch-control display
as well as a pristine minimalist design. Work in the kitchen will be easier to manage for the chef
and for all his helpers!

Energy saving

Explora solutions were designed to keep down consumption and waste in order to respect the environment.
Water, energy and time become precious investments.

Water Heating System

A special system that allows for pre-heated water to be put inside the chamber, avoiding fluctuations in temperature and ensuring an even distribution of heat.

Sator Steam

Sator Steam technology generates steam by creating a water mist that builds up until it completely saturates the chamber.

Optimal Climatic

This system allows any excess steam to escape, controlling moisture levels during the cooking process.

Balanced Reverse

Balanced Reverse uses multiple fans to invert the direction and increase the air flow inside the chamber of the oven. This makes for a golden-brown effect, an even cooking process and crispiness.